Your business is
not a joke.

The SaaS copywriter follows a proven
3-step process on every project.

It all begins with…


Research and discovery

The goal of this step is to find 1) the right messages and 2) the right order in which to present these messages on your website or in your email.

To accomplish this…

I’ll immerse myself in conversations with your team and your customers, past and present. This means you also get data that can help you improve your app and make it even more valuable to customers.

I’ll also gather Voice of Customer data, i.e. specific words your customers and prospects use. Doing this means people will actually see themselves on the page and in your emails.

I’ll then analyze all these data points.

With solid data at my disposal, we move on to…


Writing, wireframing & editing

I’ll create an outline and weave your copy from voice of customer data collected in the first step.

Other copywriters only do this step and deliver a Google Docs file. End of project.

Not the SaaS Copywriter.

I want you to get results.

I’ll create a wireframe to allow you to visualize my copy on the page or in an email. This is important because the layout of your page is vital in convincing readers to act.


Wrong message layout = Not-so-great results


After going through a rigorous editing process, we move on to…


Testing and validation

Your copy is ready.

But before we launch and release it into the wild…

We test and validate to see where to strengthen and revise.

How have past clients
benefited from my process?

  • Ben is a stellar collaborator and storyteller.

    He takes an intentional approach to writing copy, using clear processes, research, and common sense, and he then adds in a creative touch to deliver compelling stories and calls to action.

    Ben clearly and confidently communicated his approach, and how the copy was designed to elicit certain reactions and behavior from the audience. He was also flexible and collaborative when outside ideas were brought into the mix, and after a quick review and brainstorming session, we had the exact copy we were after, plus much more.

    If you need to tell a story, convey emotion, or motivate your audience to act, Ben is your guy. You’ll love working with him.

  • Ben is an outstanding SaaS email copywriter.

    When I met him, our email open rates were in the 10% range. Not for long. He worked his magic and the very first email he wrote (the welcome email to my SaaS product) got an open rate of 59.3%

    His click rates are also impressive. 13.6% is well beyond what I was getting. And well above the industry average. But that’s what he got us.

    He’s not just about results. He’s a true professional. Totally dedicated to his process, he set us up on a 90-minute call and extracted all the information he needed for the project. His copy is killer, unlike anything I’ve seen

No part of my process is optional. However, the work associated with each stage will change depending on the project.

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